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With 95% of cybersecurity breaches caused by human error, alongside zero-days, sophisticated hacks, spearfishing, social engineering and more, Ben Jones explains the state of play in today’s world of cybersecurity and his partnership with notorious White House hacker/prankster James Linton.

CyberContinuum. Founded by Ben Jones, the company is an Australian cybersecurity company aimed at SMEs to audit their security, test their defences, test their staff, ensure the right number and types of backups are made, ransomware is protected , that updates are installed, meaningful education is delivered in an entertaining, modern and impactful way – and more.

Cybersecurity is the single most important factor for businesses today, with 62% of Australian SMEs experiencing a cyber incident in 2021, with over 67,5000 cybercrime reports, an increase of almost 13% from the Previous exercice. Put that alongside self-reported cybercrime losses totaling over $33 billion, with the true figure likely much higher, and it’s clear that implementing measures to prevent and defeat cybercriminals can be a decision of life or death for your business.

Unfortunately, it’s more than easy to get fooled by cybercriminals these days, hence the need for eternal vigilance and the need to ensure that you and your staff are as smart as possible in a world of more digitally more dangerous.

The CEO of Barclays Bank, the Governor of the Bank of England, the CEO of Citi Bank, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, the CEO of Boeing, the Chief of Staff of the White House, the lawyer from the White House, Homeland Security Chief Eric Trump, UK Home Secretary and Shadow UK Home Secretary, which Ben Jones explains in his LinkedIn post celebrating the new partnership with James Lawn.

James spent many years in advertising, as a web designer, before switching to cybersecurity at the end of 2017. Why this change? Well, he hacked into the White House, and that opened the door to the world of cybersecurity for him. He worked for a time as a threat researcher and speaker, and now he’s exploring security awareness and, in partnership with Ben and Continuum Cyber, providing some of the best training in that regard, as Jones explains. here.

So what does Continuum Cyber, its proprietary platform and suite of services, do when working with its customers?

The company explains that it can:

  • Identify your current risks against local and international best practices.
  • Design and run bespoke phishing campaigns to showcase your staff’s ability to spot malicious email, using the same mythologies, tools and tactics as a real-world attacker to secure your defenses and protect your business and your reputation.
  • Train your staff in a simple and traceable way to empower them to become your company’s first line of defense.
  • Penetration testing, tabletop exercises, vulnerability assessments, application security and more.
  • Generate processes and policies to create a transparent cybersecurity culture in your organization.
  • Are on call to assist the 24/7 incident response line to be there when it counts in the event of an event.
  • Access cybersecurity experts who work hard for your business to eliminate ever-changing risks.

So to find out more, discuss cybersecurity in 2022, explore the new James Linton partnership and much more, please watch my video interview with Ben Jones below, after which you’ll see a summary of the topics we talked about, so please watch and read on!

Here is a summary of the topics we talked about:

  • I started by introducing Ben and welcoming him to the program.
  • I have noticed that cybersecurity has never been more important and I regularly see television and radio commercials about cybersecurity for consumers and businesses, with the need to secure our digital lives and businesses more important than ever. I asked Ben about the products and services offered by Continuum Cyber ​​and what makes the company different and better than its competitors.
  • A week ago, as we record this at the end of May 2022, Ben made a very big announcement on LinkedIn regarding a brand new partnership with James Linton for safety education, awareness and training. If people watching are familiar with this name, it should come as no surprise. Ben told us about James, his fascinating story and the work he and James do together. (see the video below of James Linton being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel programme).
  • Ben also talked about Continuum Cyber’s presence in the metaverse (see video below)
  • We take a look at the big security mistakes people and businesses still make despite all of today’s security awareness.
  • Ben then shared some customer stories, after which we talked about cybercriminals attacking backup repositories in ransomware attacks, and the types of backups Continuum Cyber ​​helps with.
  • We talked about Peter Coroneos and the awesome initiative, which was soft-launched and officially launched in mid-June, supporting mental wellness in the cyber community.
  • We reviewed Continuum Cyber’s onboarding process with new customers.
  • After that, Ben shared a brief story of his journey through the tech world – and what led him to take security so seriously that he’s now the CEO of a cybersecurity company.
  • Ben then shared a memory of his first computer, his first experience with malware, where he sees Continuum Cyber ​​in the next two years, where he sees the industry in the 2030s, the good advice he received in life and his last message to iTWire readers and viewers.

So please watch the video interview with Ben Jones above and watch the two videos below!

James Linton interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel:

PRANKSTER™ on Kimmel from The Whole on Vimeo.

Continuum Cyber ​​it the Metaverse:


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