Thai operator adds 3.7 million subscribers to digital service to avoid fraud in partnership with Upstream


London, November 09, 2021 – Thai mobile operator dtac announced a dramatic increase of 3.7 million new digital subscriptions in 12 months, in line with its strategy to capture the growth of data services. Thailand’s third-largest operator dtac hired mobile automation leader Upstream to both expand its digital service portfolio and actively market new offerings as the operator sought to increase its digital revenue and improve its position. competitive in the Thai market, prioritizing security, fraud-free transactions.

Over 12 months, dtac saw a 174% increase in digital service acquisitions. The operator’s ambitious revenue transformation campaign has enabled Upstream to integrate 33 new suppliers, while managing more than 80 digital services in total. The expanded digital portfolio covers popular income-generating consumer services including games, lifestyle, social media, dating, and horoscopes.

Thai operator adds 3.7 million subscribers to digital service to avoid fraud in partnership with Upstream

Upstream was able to deliver new subscribers by acting as the exclusive digital media buying partner for the mobile operator, tapping into 45 different traffic sources including Facebook, TikTok, Google and Twitter. This was safely achieved through the deployment of the award-winning Secure-D feature, which ensures that only genuine consumer-initiated transactions are made.

The customer acquisition campaign was managed and executed using Upstream’s Grow platform, a multi-channel marketing automation system that allows continuous optimization to be built into every campaign. Consistent A / B testing was conducted across multiple creative concepts, landing pages, and user feeds to maximize conversion rates. In the first quarter of 2021, the campaign generated 250,000 new customer acquisitions per month.

“Our challenge was to grow our digital services business significantly, but in a sustainable way that does not expose us and our users to fraud,” said Partomchai Tangnoi, head of platform solution and operations. form at dtac. “By working in close partnership with Upstream, we have been able to generate fraud-free transversal customer acquisitions by constantly improving and optimizing our campaigns. “

“A highly targeted, mobile-centric approach can deliver real results in just a matter of months, even in times of industry turmoil,” said George Kalyvas, Commercial Director of Upstream. “Dtac is a great example to other operators of how you can take advantage of immediate and impressive revenue growth from relevant digital services, without the frills and without fraud. We pride ourselves on our Marketing Automation Platform, capable of delivering such results on behalf of our partners. “


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