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A new survey of Mediocean left to reveal some interesting insights regarding social media as a marketing channel. And new statistics have proven that the social media channel is considered the fastest growing channel in the world for the year 2022.

This recognition comes from the simple fact that nearly 72% of marketers plan to increase their channel format budgets for 2022.

The survey, which brought together nearly 600 different advertising experts, described how Social is seen as a platform with a plethora of marketing opportunities. This is linked to its great performance potential in terms of creativity and productivity which many simply cannot stop talking about.

About 26% of respondents say assessments are done using methods such as non-cookie-based maneuvers, including mixed modeling, which they said had the greatest potential. And when combined with panels and learning through federated means, the whole mix had the potential to be the most profitable in 2022.

Meanwhile, around 22% of people seemed to feel that improvements to execution as well as media planning would prove most effective.

The Mediaocean boss shed some light through a public statement on how he felt about the results. And that’s when he started by mentioning that while 2021 was quite unpredictable for the marketing world, there were still a lot more hopes and aspirations attached to 2022.

This year there is plenty of demand, which compensates for the great economic uncertainty that many may have in this regard and the research carried out by his team reflects exactly that.

Remember that industry leaders are now very cautious in their approaches. They are trying to adapt to today’s fast-paced world and the great technological advancements that come with it.

Cookie-free solutions seem to be the future and it’s great to see so many people who participated in the study recognize this while maintaining a positive attitude as they move into the next quarter.

Still, there are plenty of areas of concern. These include a massive drop in demand in the means by which we can effectively measure these aspects through technology platforms. This includes today’s open web world and today’s access to different powerhouses of talent. Let’s not forget how much emphasis is placed on a lack of preparation for the future that many hope will include cookieless technology.

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