Krutika Dalvi makes a splash in the gigantic universe of digital media


Krutika Dalvi is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Media at Ancient Media Technologies, a digital media organization that helps its client with 360 degree media solutions. She is also another benefactor of Bharat Weekly. Krutika is notable for its best advertising capabilities. Bharat Weekly is a news portal co-created by Jatin Chonkar and Krutika Dalvi that gives the latest data on fun, innovation, sports and more. With her diligent efforts and genuine confidence, Krutika has been a tremendous inspiration to the youth.

Krutika makes sense of the importance of digital media for an effective business and brand. She further adds “The advanced space is the main point that helps each of the areas of the organizations to grow by generally conveying value to the customers. So digital coordination is fundamental for every size of business that has had a significant impact on the mode of correspondence between an organization and its customers For the past 10 years, it has now been demonstrated that the advanced presence of organizations and brands has proven to be the most obvious opportunity for their development and their sustainability on a longer duration.

This young independent businesswoman who started her work in high tech to fix something is currently a name in the list of India’s top publicists. Sharing his latest insights, the PR master says associations and new organizations that have made their web presence using electronic media are doing extraordinarily good associations and have seen 55% improvement in the previous year .

Currently Krutika Dalvi, has extensive expertise in public relations. Make the right portrait of Brands, Creators & Actors. A good promotion boss can work on the rest of individuals, associations or affiliations and take a brand from point A to point B.

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