How to cancel your Sling TV subscription and end your digital channel packages

  • You can cancel your Sling TV subscription by accessing your account profile and selecting the blue “Cancel my subscription” button.
  • You will need to cancel your Sling TV subscription online, as removing the app from your phone, tablet, or smart TV does not cancel your paid subscriptions.
  • Sling TV’s two limited plans cost $ 30 per month and feature some of the available channels, while combining the two to get all 53 channels costs $ 45 per month.

Sling TV is a meeting of the old and the new: the digital TV service has many classic cable channels you love like Disney, CNN, and History, but without a cable plan. Instead, you stream your favorite channels and shows using your internet connection.

Like cable packages, you can also record hours of programming without taking out the old VCR. But the cost of a monthly Sling TV subscription, especially if you have a small entertainment budget, is slightly more expensive than many streaming platforms.

You need to get the Blue and Orange combo packages to get the 53 Sling TV channels.Sling TV

A standard Netflix subscription costs $ 13 per month, Hulu only $ 11.99, and Disney + only $ 6.99. However, Sling TV costs between $ 30 and $ 45 per month depending on your plan.

You can easily cancel your service through your account profile. If you have a regular subscription, you can continue to use Sling TV until the end of the current payment cycle. But if you were in a free trial period, your Sling service will end immediately.

If you’ve purchased a Sling subscription and now want to cancel it for a cheaper streaming option, here’s how.

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How to cancel your Sling TV subscription

1. Go to the Sling TV account page and sign in to your account.

2. On your account page, click the blue Cancel Subscription link.

How to cancel your Sling TV subscription and end your digital channel packages
This option will be to the right of two blue boxes to edit the subscription and watch now.Abbey White / Business Insider

3. In the pop-up window, select Cancel subscription to confirm.

4. Click on the green toggle next to your plan type and cost. If you have any add-ons, repeat this process.

How to cancel your Sling TV subscription and end your digital channel packages
You will also have the option to suspend my subscription or change my subscription.Abbey White / Business Insider

5. Once it turns blue, choose Undo All.

6. Select the reason for your cancellation. If you choose “I don’t watch enough TV to pay for the service” or “I’m trying to save money”, you may get a discount offer if you stay with the service.

7. Select Confirm my cancellation.

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