Half Dome digital media agency acquires Consumedia


An independent digital agency, Half Dome acquired the independent media agency Consumedia to create a consolidated media agency with full service capabilities.

Following the acquisition, the two brands will evolve under the title Half Dome, working in the Melbourne market.

As part of the deal, founder and CEO of Consumedia, Michael Harms will become a member of the board of directors of the consolidated company, “helping Half Dome succeed in its long-term growth plans.”

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Harm said: “I am extremely excited to see where Half Dome is heading and what it means for our clients’ growth with our two businesses come together. Consumedia has given our clients excellent access to a strong return on value through our years of knowledge and understanding of the offline market; the merger with Half Dome takes the business to the next level and puts our customers at the forefront of consumer engagement in Australia. I look forward to working with the team and helping them continue the incredible growth that they have in recent years.

Half Dome CEO Tom Frazer said, “Michael is committed to the same goal as us – we both understand the value proposition of the company and how it aligns closely with our own values. We are incredibly excited to formalize this has been in the making for a long time; and we look forward to continuing to grow Half Dome in the Australia’s smartest media agency.

“Half Dome Moving Forward as a Full Service Leader media agency in Melbourne, building on our solid references in the digital space. “

Consumedia was established over ten years ago, providing media and marketing communications, providing advertising, media, marketing and activation to its clients. Consumedia clients, including Maurice Blackburn, Mayver’s, Euky Bear and Bosisto’s, will move to Half Dome.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn appointed Consumedia in 2018 to handle its national media planning and buying, pushing the incumbent McCann’s account away. Half Dome partnered with Consumedia to win the larger account in April 2018, and the following year was appointed to handle all of the law firm’s paid digital media planning and purchasing, which was the first account gain of the agency.

As a result, there will be no staff changes, but Half Dome said its staff grew by 50% in 2021 “thanks to organic growth in customer relationships and new partnerships, including PointsBet and 28 By Sam Wood” .

Half Dome is owned by Tom Frazer, Joe Frazer and Will Harms and was founded in 2017.

Will Harms, Managing Partner and Head of Planning for Half Dome, said this is an exciting next step for the agency as it has always wanted to provide offline media to its clients, in addition to digital services.

“The evidence continues to show that the integration campaigns are more efficient and effective, so it was natural to be able to run them in-house. a step towards us to make the media smarter. he said.

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