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MANCHESTER, NH – There was “Forcivity” (Forcivity, Inc) and there was “Jolt” (Jolt Consulting Group LLC) and as an organization combined with Jeff Oskin as CEO and Steve Baines as President and Chief Growth Officer, we could just call them Forcivity 2.0. These B2B technology consulting leaders yesterday announced plans to merge their businesses, creating a breakout leader in digital service operations.

The company will operate under the name Forcitivity. Jeff Oskin, Founder and CEO of Jolt, has been appointed CEO and Steve Baines, Founder and CEO of Forcivity, has been appointed President and Chief Growth Officer.

“Combined under the Forcivity brand, we will leverage our decades of experience to push the boundaries of the customer experience and stay focused on delivering exceptional technology capabilities and best practices to our customers,” said Oskin.

Seven months ago, I spoke with Steve Baines about the results of Forcivity’s breakout with 2,400% growth that placed this Manchester-based company at position 157 on the Inc. 5000 list of private companies to the fastest growing in America.

Steve Baines, President and Chief Growth Officer, Forcivity | Contributed photo

On March 31, I revisited Manchester-based Steve with Jeff Oskin in Saratoga Springs, NY, thanks to the immediacy of video conferencing. My summary of our conversation would come down to a highly compatible amalgamation of teams with shared values, a shared leadership style, and a vision that will leverage technology while transforming service operations.

Jolt is a good match here, having doubled in size in terms of turnover in each of the past five consecutive years. They were recognized by, Inc. as being in the top 2% of global partners in service operations. It is a fusion of complementary skills and complementary offers to better serve their customers. With humor they refer to the new company internally as Forcivity 2.0, but in reality it is a great implementation of the practice of what they preach. They will create more effective results faster and provide a broader path for customer engagement and staff growth opportunities.

“Do it right, or do it now. “

While many companies have been thrown into remote working, the subject of remote / virtual concerns has never been addressed. We all agree that the companies with the best growth opportunities quickly adopt new methods and adapt quickly to change. The power of the products created by and the behind-the-scenes service operations they enable enable a business of any size to grow rapidly to meet challenges and opportunities as they arise. Even a one-person business, working from home, can have backstage support operation around the clock and around the world.

Jeff Oskin Force
Jeff Oskin, CEO of Forcivity | Contributed photo

Our conversation brought up their common values ​​around important things like honesty, integrity and hard work. The two leaders are strongly attached to these values. The positive chemistry allows them to integrate well and quickly leverage vast internal resources during joint sales calls. With today’s pressures, it’s not just the speed to market but the quality of what you deliver. Steve says we can “do it right or do it right now.” He and Jeff had long conversations up front to review the team chemistry and were very pleased with the results.

What is exciting for these guys? Steve says, “They’ve had joint sales opportunities as a unified company before, completed projects together as a unified company and it’s great to see the collaboration between the teams. We have new people, new experiences and new perspectives on how to do things. They have an internal knowledge base that they can draw on to be successful. They are creating jobs as part of this synergy and growth. They are already trying to fill a few positions because the demand for what they are doing is “exploding”. There is a real positive economic impact. They create jobs.

You may not like change, but understand, adapt and deploy new tools and with a team behind you, an organization of any size can transform quickly. As Jeff Oskin said: “The formation of this company has created the largest provider of business and technology services for the world of service operations. There is no one else doing what we are doing.

And today, unique and effective are important elements to exploit.

Forcivity is headquartered at 1000 Elm St. in Manchester, NH. Learn more here.

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