Customers want a balance between human and digital services, survey finds


Banking customers prefer to use digital services but still want human interactions at the points of need, according to a new global survey.

The study, conducted by banking software company Temenos, found that if customers want banks to help them manage their financial lives and expect more from their digital banking services, access to people is a priority.

Of the 4,700 global bank customers surveyed, 19% said it’s easier to talk to a human representative as the number one thing they would like banks to focus on, followed by the ability for customers to accomplish more. easily banking tasks themselves, in 17% of respondents. .

Banking through mobile apps is the preferred choice of 65% of those surveyed, while 51% chose banking on a website. In-person visits to a branch were preferred by 42%.

The same percentage (42%) of customers enjoy interacting with their bank over the phone, while 37% enjoy email and one in five, or 19%, prefer to interact through social media.

The survey also showed that customers want help from their bank in finding easier ways to pay bills or send money on time. This was identified by 43% of respondents as a top priority.

More than half of those surveyed wanted services that would have a positive impact on their long-term life, such as help reaching their life goals (29%) and specific recommendations for budgeting and savings ( 22%).

“Banking products are out” said Joaquin De Valenzuela Muley, senior vice president and director of the business line at Temenos Infinity. “The advice and support that help customers achieve their goals is there. “

He added that the main focus of banks should be their customers and find ways to anticipate and meet their needs and goals.

“It’s a different approach, of reinventing the processes and unifying the bank around the customer”, he said.

Of those polled, three in five said their last visit to a bank branch was due to a need rather than a will. This confirms recent research by The Economist Intelligence Unit, which found that nearly two-thirds – 65% – of bankers believe the branch-based model will be “dead” within five years, compared to 35% four years ago.

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