CRTC approves digital media survey for local and foreign broadcasters operating in Canada


The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Committee (CRTC) now requires all Digital Media Broadcasting Undertakings (DMBUs) in Canada to participate in an annual digital media survey.

Approved on Feb. 23, audio service companies that exceed $25 million in revenue collected from the Canadian broadcasting system will be required to participate. Companies offering audio-visual services with revenues exceeding $50 million must also participate.

The survey will collect information on subscription and advertising revenues, programming expenditures, and number of subscribers, among other information, as set out in survey templates published by the CRTC. Program spending in the audio category asks specifically about royalty payments.

DMBUs have until June 30 to submit their responses to the survey covering the 2020-2021 broadcast year. The CRTC will share subsequent inquiries in the fall with a November 30 deadline.

The CRTC opened a first consultation on this subject in March 2019, seeking comments on the survey it would administer. The commission received comments to expand the scope to include non-Canadian DMBUs. He opened the investigation to comments on different issues several times since.

Source: CRTC


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