301 Digital Media Announces Management Reorganization, Sandi Mazzeo Promoted to Chief Operating Officer


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Quote from Andrew Becks, CSIO and co-founder

Quote from Andrew Becks, CSIO and co-founder

Management change to improve customer services and strategic business growth

The goal […] is to enable both our Media and Marketing Agency team and our Strategic Partnerships team to work more effectively in service of improving the overall customer and partner experience.

— Sandi Mazzeo, COO

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, Feb. 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 301 Digital Media, a Tennessee-based media and marketing agency, today announced a leadership reorganization among partners and the team of company management.

Effective today, Sandi Mazzeo, who most recently served as the company’s senior vice president, will be promoted to chief operating officer, succeeding the company’s co-founder and current chief operating officer. , Andrew Becks.

As part of the reshuffle, Becks will take on a new role as the company’s first director of strategy and innovation. Matt Arceneaux, who is currently the company’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, will remain in his role while taking on expanded responsibilities by overseeing the company’s financial and administrative operations, while Mazzeo will assume operational leadership responsibilities for the company agency clients and day-to-day business functions.

“The goal of this reorganization is to enable both our media and marketing agency team and our strategic partnerships team to work more effectively in service of improving the overall customer and partner experience” , said Mazzeo.

In his new role, Becks will continue to oversee the company’s strategic and media partnerships, as well as corporate client relationships, while expanding his focus to include a renewed focus on innovation and development functions. strategic commercial as the company seeks to grow from 2022 and beyond. .

“Having known and worked with Sandi [Mazzeo] for nearly 20 years now, no one has been better positioned than her to lead the company’s operations,” Becks said. “Furthermore, I am excited to renew my focus on developing innovative partnerships, technologies and solutions to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape, while continuing to serve as the company’s chief media planner. ‘company,” Becks continued.

In addition to improving the customer experience, 301 Digital Media expects this restructuring to create synergies, both in terms of efficient allocation of capital and resources, while continuing to focus on offering optimal performance for the company’s media and advertising clients.

“After experiencing a banner year, we are excited to make this change to help position the business for continued growth this year and beyond,” Arceneaux said. This change is to double down on our customer-centric approach in everything we do. We look forward to deploying our talented team of media and technology professionals in a way that contributes to our perpetual campaign optimization efforts, while unlocking additional layers of business intelligence and tailored partnerships. for the benefit of our customers.

For more information about 301 Digital Media, visit 301digitalmedia.com.

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